Kandinsky And Matisse Were Also Lawyers

Two of the most prominent artists of the 20th century were also lawyers: Wassily Kandinsky and Henri Matisse. Nice.

I've also noticed a similarity between the philosophies of two prominent individuals in art and law from the 20th century: art critic, Clement Greenberg, and former United States Supreme Court Justice, Felix Frankfurter: 

In the early 20th century, Justice Frankfurter was asked by a young man how to become a great lawyer. He advised the man not to limit his studies to the law, but to embrace the study of all fields, including history, art, literature, science, sports, culture, and the environment. 

About fifty years later, Clement Greenberg wrote in his essay Esthetic Judgment: To keep on expanding your esthetic taste asks that you keep on expanding and refining your sense of life in general. To further develop your taste in art, he advises that you keep on learning from life apart from art. 

I've had some people doubt me as an artist because I'm also a lawyer. I suppose they felt prejudiced by the assumption that lawyers must be uncreative. Although the craft differs (which is only scratching the surface), I find the practice of art and law to be similar -- they're both an intellectual process of analyzing, deconstructing, conceptualizing, building, revising, etc., based on life apart from art or law. 

I think that Kandinsky and Matisse would agree. 

Here is the latest Intermission painting

Intermission X, 45" x 45", oil, acrylic, canvas, 2016.

Intermission X, 45" x 45", oil, acrylic, canvas, 2016.