A piece about life, mortality, and a theory of immortality. Original stop motion animation to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, 2017.

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Planet Discarnate

A stop-motion puppet shaman enters a spiritual world to heal the planet of demonic forces. 2016.

The Paper

An original stop motion short video, 2016. A day in the life of C Minor: commenting on isolation, loneliness, and superficiality in contemporary Los Angeles. The courage to break free? 

The Dream Catcher

A broken man emerges like a vulnerable turtle hatchling from underground, beneath rubble, to find his city destroyed, and searches for what remains of his past life. Original stop motion animation created and submitted for Radiohead's #rhvignette contest, licensed for the song "Daydreaming", 2016. 

Ernie's First Flight Cartoon

2007. A baby bird is forced to leave the nest in this light-hearted cartoon.