Blending stop-motion animation with live action, this short silent film follows a working woman through an eerie world, where dark manifestations draw metaphors to current events. 2019

An original stop motion short video. A day in the life of C Minor: commenting on isolation, loneliness, and superficiality in contemporary Los Angeles. The courage to break free?
A stop-motion puppet shaman enters a spiritual world to heal the planet of demonic forces. See also
Original stop motion short film to Beethoven Moonlight Sonata. A video art piece about life, mortality, and a theory of immortality.
A broken man emerges like a vulnerable turtle hatchling from underground, beneath rubble, to find his city destroyed, and searches for what remains of his past life ... Original stop motion animation created and submitted for Radiohead's #rhvignette contest, licensed for the song "Daydreaming".
A baby bird is forced to leave the nest.