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Art is about creating what is human.  By understanding myself, and by being engaged with culture, society, and the natural world, I create work that I, and hopefully others, want to see.

There comes a large responsibility with labeling oneself an artist. For me it requires a respect for others and an interest in the planet and its life forms.  I thirst for knowledge and experiences; I enjoy visiting new places and meeting people, learning about local events and global trends; I like sports (I play ice hockey); and I love washing my spirit clean at the beach or on a mountain.   

My practice as an artist requires me to expand and refine my life in general. For example, in the early 20th century, United States Supreme Court Justice, Felix Frankfurter, was asked by a young man how to become a great lawyer.  He advised the man not to limit his studies to the law, but to embrace the study of all fields, including history, art, literature, science, sports, culture, and the environment. I think the same wisdom applies to people who want to be great artists. 

About fifty years later, art critic Clement Greenberg wrote in his essay Esthetic Judgment: To keep on expanding your esthetic taste asks that you keep on expanding and refining your sense of life in general. To further develop your taste in art, he advises that you keep on learning from life apart from art. 

I follow the wisdom of Greenberg and Justice Frankfurter in pursuing my endless mission to grow, refine, and create more influential and meaningful work that transcends cultures and borders and reaches greater audiences. In doing so, I must reflect the times in my art. 

And I am inspired that two of the greatest artists of the 20th century, Henri Matisse and Wassily Kandinsky, were also lawyers.



Syracuse University College of Law: JD

Syracuse University: MFA

University of California, Santa Barbara: BA (with studio credits from School of the Art Institute of Chicago)