The Intermissions / by Lucas Novak

In the battles of life, there is loss, persistence, and deliverance. Some of these episodes, more dramatic than others,  serve as pillars or beacons in our own timelines. Yet, then there are the lulls or periods of recovery from and preparation for past and future battles -- the necessary intermissions in between that often feel nameless but impact us nevertheless, sometimes in more important ways than the memorable events of our pasts.  During these times we have clarity and confusion, we may have time to meditate on ideas or analyze our circumstances, we make decisions and plans, but we also encounter the unknowable and attempt to resolve our states of being or create some kind of understanding or simplification to the unexplainable complexities in life. The previous sentence needs to be simplified.     

Intermission IV, 45" x 45", oil, acrylic, paper and fabric on canvas, 2015. Part of my Rise Fall Rise series.