Art Rental

Counting every person I’ve known, Lucas is the most dedicated to creative art and also the very most talented.
— John Janda, author of American Spirit, b. 1940
[Novak’s painting] ‘October’ is a lush, amber-toned, palette knife-swathed oil in which one might find a dusky landscape of a forest, cabin and lake, but will certainly find an abundance of skill with color and form.
— Stacy Davies, O.C. Weekly
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Renting art is the perfect alternative to purchasing it. You may be unsure about which piece will look best in a particular space. This rental program lets you try out different pieces without committing to the entire purchase price. It is a perfect way for people on a budget to enjoy the art while also refreshing the appearance of their space with new pieces at the end of each term. 

NO COMMITMENT: Rent any available artwork for three months. Renew if you wish or return the work at the end of the term. 

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: If at any point during the term of the rental you wish to purchase the artwork outright, 50% of the total rental fees already paid for the piece will be credited to the purchase price.  

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA RENTALS ONLY: While Lucas Novak loves and appreciates all of his domestic and international collectors, artwork rentals are available to businesses and residents in southern California only.

RENTAL FEE CHART: Based on the square footage of each artwork

- Less than 5 square feet = $200 for three months.

- 5 to 10 square feet = $375 for three months.

- 10 to 15 square feet = $475 for three months. 

- Over 15 square feet = $575 for three months.

INSTALLATION: The rental fee includes our delivery, installation, and pick-up of the artwork. 

GET STARTED! Contact lucas at for current availability. Not all artworks depicted on this website are available for rent. Some have a waiting list. Others have already been sold or are otherwise unavailable. Additionally, there are artworks not depicted on this website that are available.

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